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Free reggae tonight! Trumpet bryan send off and big three zero birthday show

Your boys the ragabonds are playin tonite at 9pm in Laguna Beach at the white house. Its trumpets birthday, so come on out and help make it a good one. Also excited (and a bit sad) that he will be going back on tour with the legendary pato banton. Send your prayers his way for safe travels on the road. We are all excited for him, but can’t wait til he gets back. Come on down and party with us tonight if you’re in the area. Always have a blast and laguna is gonna be gorgeous this evening.
Thanks for all the love and prayers sent our way for our sound man ras dre. Still no word on that situation, but we will keep y’all updated.
The preview for our “shoreline” music video is done, and jah willing, should be on it’s way real soon. We had a blast doing it and just wanna throw some love to all who helped us. We live in a nation ruled by corporations… but a lot of hard work, a little help and a DIY mentality go along way in striking a blow against babylon. We all get so much further when we unite.


  Thanks and respect.
See you guys tonite… dont forget to wish trumpet a happy, happy birthday… bless up! -the ragabonds crew


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